Personal websites are a good medium to promote your personal business and interests.
You want your site to be coherent, your brand easily recognizable, and your information to be found.
Here’s where we can help with our webdesign services.

House style

We can do a full design of your logo’s, banners, headers, and visiting cards to ensure you not only have a balanced and coherent looking website, but you can use your logo also on your visiting cards, document headers, presentations etc. to build up your brand and identity across different media.
We only use original content and can do our own photography for our designs, so you can be ensured these are unique, and you will receive full copyrights on the logo’s and content on the site.

Everything in one place

Our webdesign services will provide you with easy to update news pages, blogs, photo galleries and portfolios so you will have everything about you in one place, showing a consistent face to the outside world. All content can be updated and managed by yourself with an easy to use administration back-end.
We can provide you with share buttons on your site so the visitors can easily share your information across different social platforms, and can have links to your social media platforms so people have a choice where to follow you.
But in the end there’s only one place where all your info will be stored: on your own website.
Doing all your updates on one place, and link and share from there will save you time and effort, and will ensure your information goes out well balanced, structured, promoting your own brand and identity.

SEO – optimization for Search Engines

All our sites will come with pre-installed tools focussed on getting your site found. Our webdesign services are focussed on user friendliness, speed, and on displaying your site on most platforms, all our standard designs are fully responsive. More on our SEO integration can be FOUND HERE.


We can integrate a secure webshop in your website, which you can make as simple or complicated as you want.
The webshop can handle PayPal and Credit Card payments, Bank Transfers or cash on delivery, includes inventory management, reporting, different shipping and tax options and, most important, can be easily managed by yourself, or another person within your organisation.
The basic shop (see our shops on our artist platform HANDMADEINEUROPE) will be sufficient for most small businesses, but our webdesign services can handle requests for more advanced technical and logistic needs.


We can offer full hosting services ate competitive prices, register or transfer your domain name for you while ensuring you will have the full right on your domain name, and provide you with webspace in a solid and secure environment.
Our webdesign services include back-ups of your content, and we are available for support in case you need help or have a technical issue.

Translation services

We speak several languages, our own mother tongues are Polish and Dutch, and our English is quite perfect.
We can  support you in any of the above languages, and can translate to English, Polish or Dutch from Spanish, French and German. Your administration panel will be provided to you in your own language to ensure an easy and comprehensive experience.


Would you like how to do it all yourself, but just don’t have the time or idea where to start?
We can offer tailored training sessions, either online or on your premises.
Subjects we can give training in include:

  • Basic WordPress set up and configuration
  • Basic Photoshop and Corel Draw
  • Setting up and configuring a webshop in WordPress

We can do most sessions in English, Dutch, German or Polish.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a quote for your services needed.