Reach your target, get found by the right audience, improve your ranks.

The tools to be found better, and rank higher in the search engines will be pre-installed for your site, and configured for the best result.
Nowadays there’s a few factors determining your ranking:

Page Speed – Your pages need to load fast and completely, both on a PC with high-speed internet connection, or on a smartphone or tablet with just 3G available.
Mobile version – As of April 2015 Google clearly states the mobile friendliness on their search results, and if you do not have a mobile version your site will drop in ranking.
Keywords, Tags, Titles, Snippets – The correct usage of these will drive the correct audience to your site. No use in 100s of page views if the visitors are not interested in your business.
Image and Video tags – Often overlooked, but very important. Many people search on images or on Youtube for references. Make sure you are using the correct tags and keywords, including your brand name will give you top results.
Back-links, Social Media – The more you are mentioned outside your website, on other sites or on Social media, the better your ranking again.

Your sites will be tested on the Google Speed page, all our designs are responsive, keyword and tagging tools are installed so YOU can tell Google just HOW to show your snippets, and your social media platforms will be linked to your site, and easy 1-click-to-share buttons will be pre-installed so your visitors can easily share your news for you.

Site Engine Optimization tools |Heyme

We use the Well tested plugin SEO tool by Yoast for our sites. This is seamlessly integrated in the back-end of your administration panel, and when you publish a page or post you can immediately see the results of how your post will be ranked by the search engines, and will tell you where to improve.

See also our blog post with our recommendations on SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.
All tools will be installed and delivered with your website, and additional documentation and training on how to use them will be provided.