Olga Sánchez – Spain – 1973

Ceramic murals, Ceramika, drewno – Ceramics, wood

I have always been interested in everything related to fine Arts

When I was 19 I received a scholarship I did full-time three years at Engraving and Graphic Design School in The Mint Foundation at Madrid, that is when I had my first contact with art. Some years later, I found the ceramic, which captivated me completely and I was trained in Artist Ceramic and Pottery at The Official Ceramic School, in Madrid

In my ceramic work design is quite important, I´m searching an aesthetic balance via simple forms and glazes, and I play with three-dimensionality inside plane. My artwork is modern and minimalist, although some of my pieces have a real pictorial character, due to my fascination with the colour and the great potential that ceramic offers to me

The chemical process that takes place in the kiln is so fascinating to me, every time I open it I still feel that excitement I felt the first few times…, also the ceramic is an inexhaustible source, its possibilities are endless, which I find really inspiring… I´m looking forward to seeing where it takes me